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A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Standard Disclaimer
During:09/30/03 11.59pm
This journal has been is 95% non-public since September of 2003. Adding me to your friends list won't guarantee you being added back, as it just gives me access to read your non-public non-filtered posts. Leaving a comment does make me aware of your existence and apparent interest in my life, and will get you on the friends list, but does not guarantee you being kept there.

If you were on my friends list but see this entry as my most recent, you were purged by request or through inaction, and the above paragraph now applies. Feel free to voice your opinion in your own journal or in a comment here, but remember that karma is an unforgiving bitch.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal, already in progress in some other more interesting blogs owned by less paranoid people.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Another Half a Year Later...
During:07/01/13 08.35am
... and I still don't have any motivation to write about my life.

Sure, I've written some stories, which you can search through my FurAffinity gallery for, but as for me? Well, I did have a birthday about two weeks ago, in the middle of summer rainstorms while trying to move out from my apartment into a house in McHenry. Still don't have internet there due to no working phone line for the DSL, so I'm borrowing bandwidth at work to post this before I head to the apartment complex office and officially turn in the keys.

But what about getting connected via cellphone? Been trying to do that, but I exceeded my meager data plan on Friday and my phone didn't like that. It crashed hard and I couldn't even make phone calls or check voicemails or text messages, even after popping out the battery and futzing around in the menus to reset it. With the turning of the month, though, it seems to be working fine again, but I'm going to try and shop around for a different model.

Still running the Fursuit Fracas, if anyone cares or actually follows it. Mostly involved more in the Furry Basketball Association nowadays. Also broke down and got an account with the blue bird -- not gonna give the name out publicly, though. Will be in Pittsburgh this upcoming weekend, more for the folks that will be there and less about the convention itself.

And that's about it. Until the next six months go by...

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Half a Year Later
During:01/01/13 05.40am
Hearing:Utah Jazz: "Burn Out"
Well technically it's already next year, except at some parts of the international date line where they've still got under 30 minutes and change to count down the last vestiges of 2012. And while I may not have much to say, not only from there being less readers who frequent this side but also from just not feeling the need to express my thoughts and feelings, I do still pop in to catch up on those folks that do still keep their accounts active. I'm not going to make any resolutions to post more or read more or whatnot, but I do think an occasional update won't hurt.

Here's to a safe and happy 2013 to everyone.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:SoaP Revisited
During:06/20/12 09.31pm
This time with symbols!

+ I'm 21!
- ... for the 18th time
0 and if you can't do the math then leave me alone.

0 The AnthroCon experience this year was okay
+ having surprised certain folks with my attendance
+ and hanging out with the FBA crowd and meeting Paul Shepherd
+ especially after getting autographs from Dev Madan the "creator" of Sly Cooper
- even though I slept through all of the late night events
- and spent way too much money on not enough things
- while "wasting" downtime between panels
0 although the special overseas fursuiter guest of honor was nice
0 and the basketball game didn't fizzle badly
0 with the Fursuit Bingo cards getting mixed reactions
- but driving out nearly 9 hours alone
- and puncturing a tire on the trip back
+ just to enjoy some really good apple turnovers
+ and the company of folks I could very easily see at other conventions
0 isn't making me eager to return and be one of the 5k.

+ The FFFF is starting up again with the single-elimination Regional Bracket featuring some exciting matchups
- even though the feedback poll posted in the downtime didn't garner as many responses.

0 My FBA team is still in the playoffs
+ having defeated their neighboring rivals in a grueling 7-game marathon
- but struggling to find even one shred of a lead against the #1 team in the league.

+ At least I'm not sunburnt
- though I haven't won any poker tourney's this past weekend.

- Of course, work's being work
- and there's a drama storm going on with the now-defunct NJ FurBQ
- so I don't think today gets much of an "H" to go with the "B".

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Stevie's Statistical Snapshot: Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas -- Quick Picks
During:05/04/12 07.12am
DISCLAIMER: None of the following is meant to represent "Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas" or its staff. Any and all opinions, errors, and other discrepancies are based solely on the owner of this journal, and are meant for informative and entertainment purposes only. Please direct all concerns and inquiries via comment below or through private message, or visit the FFFF for complete details.

Two years ago I provided numerical ratings and quick reviews of each of the competitors for their matchups, though at that point I was only providing staff support and no actual organizational work. This year (and the majority of last year) I'm running the entire event, but I still want to try and provide some of my personal insight into the various pairings. As usual, the disclaimer above applies, but feel free to ignore my ramblings below.

Competitors have been scored from 1-10 in eight categories according to their submitted photos and videos. The sum of the four technical categories (head construction, handpaws, footpaws, and body costume) form the left-hand number following the fursuit name, with the greater value in a matchup determining the bolded personal pick to win. The total from the four social categories (performance posing, owner recognition, builder recognition, and species affinity) form the right-hand number after the competitor's name, with the higher value in a matchup determining the italicized predicted pick to win. Ties are broken by eliminating categories in reverse order of listing, then by veteran status, then by opt-in time.

Logan (19+4) and Nbowa Lion (8+15)
Toofs the Sabertooth (18+12) and Gale Frostbane (19+12)
Twilight (17+30) and Frostee Fox (16+7)
Baron Von Fox (26+14) and Feuriah (16+9)
Slayer Lynx (7+15) and Roy G. Biv (15+11)
Signal (19+14) and Wild Child (16+17)
Glowstickk Tiger (23+17) and Gold (22+14)
Telephone (20+11) and Willion (17+12)
Wolfwings (18+11) and Moonbeam (23+19)
Tyler Foxgood (15+11) and Arashiin (18+11)
Kalahari (9+16) and Dancewear Toofs the Sabertooth (12+11)

Despite veterans and rookies having equal representation in the Winners Bracket of this heat, the only rookie that will most likely advance just happens to be the other suit that is owned by one of the veterans! Even though Nbowa Lion has very little detail in his submitted photo, he's a lot more recognized than Gale Frostbane; the same could be applied to Twilight and Baron Von Fox, just with more details and a video to go along with that recognition. While it would be amusing to see Slayer Lynx and Gold both advancing to face off against each other, it would be much more surprising if Signal and/or Willion are able to pull off an upset win. At least one veteran will end up in the Survival bracket, though, with Moonbeam having to face off against Tyler Foxgood, the winner advancing to most likely take on Greifer unless Evergreen Coyote can rally some non-fox support.

The Survival Bracket for this heat has only one veteran, and while likely to be picked according to the ratings other factors may come into play. Logan may have an uphill battle against Toofs the Sabertooth, but probably not as bad as Arashiin going up against the similarly styled Dancewear Toofs the Sabertooth. As cute as Feuriah can be, partials also tend to fare poorly against full suits like Frostee Fox, though I have to make an exception for Wild Child and his crazy dance video versus the color patterning of Roy G. Biv. Last but not least, the glowy Glowstickk Tiger should have enough support to send Telephone to the sidelines, though squeakspeak does have a tendency to attract voters just as much as turn them away.

Until next time...

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Weight Gain Journal: Day 2
During:04/02/12 10.23pm
As much as it seems to be an April Fool's joke, there is actually a hint of truth in what I did post.

Before the show ever aired, you'd hate to be called "The Biggest Loser", though nowadays it's all a matter of context. The same could be applied in this case, or perhaps I'm subconsciously trying to build upon the "failures" of my earlier weight loss posts in the hopes that it will work the same with these journals. There's also the final truth that muscle is heavier than fat, and perhaps I'm hoping that I can replace my pudge with something meatier. Or maybe I really would rather be as round as a panda. ;)

Whatever the case, the underlying factor is the importance of posting these message and keeping updates and tracking on a daily basis. Your support or encouragement, however you want to express it, would definitely help towards achieving my eventual goal -- once it's clarified by the progress of this journal.

So again, wish me luck!

Yesterday's weight: 188.4 pounds.
Today's weight: 190.1 pounds.

BMI Scale Readings
Approx. Body Fat: 29.0%
Approx. Muscle: 40.1%

Meal Plan: unknown

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Weight Gain Journal: Day 1
During:04/01/12 11.52pm
Off and on for the past several years I've been trying to lose weight, to varying degrees of success. So at this point I think it's time for a change of pace, and with me being stuck on the overnight shift again having to consume caffeinated sodas just to perform, I think I'll have a better chance at actually achieving my goal. Gonna start small, of course.

For anyone still reading this blog, wish me luck!

Current weight: 188.4 pounds.
Goal weight: 210 pounds.

"Breakfast": McDouble sandwich no-pickles, McChicken sandwich.
"Lunch" plan: leftover Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper dinner.
"Dinner" plan: unset.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Stevie's Sunday Statistics: Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas 2011 Finals
During:08/22/11 02.19am
DISCLAIMER: None of the following is meant to represent "Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas" or its staff. Any and all opinions, errors, and other discrepancies are based solely on the owner of this journal, and are meant for entertainment purposes only. For more information, please visit the FFFF or leave a comment below.

A field of only self-nominations, three play-in and feeder matches, one tie and a few rematches, an outage that turned a three-day poll into a week-long one, and an amazing turnout in the past two weeks... all have led to an epic championship face-off of two veterans of the tournament. Over sixteen weeks since Dusky faced off against Sigma Wolf in the first matchup of the Fracas and over 3100 of the nearly 117K votes were cast for these two finalists. With less than a quarter of the community participating in the polls, the vocal minority will once again choose their favorite for "the entire fandom".

Saved up for this report!Collapse )

Until next time...

A Subtle Illusion
During:06/20/11 10.47pm
Sunburnt neck, sore muscles, and a poker champ -- and that was just Saturday.

Probably didn't get a perfect score in my QA phone audit at work, but when all the managers are hovering around and being distracting with a chocolate cake and singing a song for me, it's bound to affect my performance.

You can try to guess, but I'll just tell you what the nth time it is when you do.

HB2me. -H

PS: Thank you cards are in the mail for last year. Sorry for seeming ungrateful to those of you who did click.

A Subtle Illusion
During:04/03/11 12.08am

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Believe it or not...
During:04/01/11 08.55pm
Bearing:Not on Twitter
I still don't have a Twitter account, and I still won't get one. I still haven't followed anyone over there, and there's no way I'm gonna post even three tweets. I like having no limits to what I can say and write, even though I haven't written much lately. But if you really think I've become a bird-brain just because of the icon or because of this special day, so be it. Good luck trying to figure out who I'm not.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Groundhog Day...
During:02/02/11 11.40pm
I really don't want to go to sleep and wake up to find out that I've gotta repeat the Snowpocalypse all over again until I somehow "get it right". Digging my car out was not fun, calling off from work was not entirely cool because I really needed to get things done, and spending all day cooped up in the apartment just felt like such a waste of a day.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Not Con Crud
During:01/22/11 11.32pm
Tagging:, , ,
Feeling:[mood icon] sick
Yay for 100.6 fever, but it wasn't from the con. I actually felt better after returning from California than when I left. However, I had dinner on Thursday with someone who was visiting from out of town, and he just happened to be sick. Couple that with issues getting good sleep the past couple nights from the jet lag, and here I am staring at a couple of Nyquil liqui-caps. Does this mean I have to go back to the Matrix?

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Ahh, Vacation...
During:01/08/11 11.03pm
Tagging:, ,
Well, it hasn't actually started yet, though I have been officially off from work since yesterday at 6pm and won't be back on the job until Monday the 24th at 6am. Other than going to FC next weekend, even though I had pretty much told most folks last year that I wouldn't be going back this year, I don't have anything planned for the next two weeks. Hopefully this means I can actually relax for a bit and not feel stressed or worried about things.

For those wondering: I depart Chicago on Thursday the 13th at 10am and arrive in San Jose at 1pm. I'll be flying out on Tuesday the 18th at 11am from San Francisco and landing back in Chicago at 5:45pm. And if anyone reading this will be at FC, let me know!

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Happy Quad Ones!
During:01/01/11 11.33pm
Tagging:, ,
So how long has it been since I've actually posted actual content here?

Well, right now I'm sitting at an extended New Year's party being hosted by furries at a nearby hotel. So far 2011 has consisted of me trying to solve clues to a long puzzle hunt and ending up in 5th place, enjoying an all-you-can-eat taco bar at the same party, and listening to folks playing Vaginas in Dicktown (a very drunken variant of Lupus in Tabula) while others have been surfing the web for various Horrors on the Internet.

How's your new year started off?

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:For Today
During:11/30/10 11.51pm
I'm gonna end the month on a good note. But I'm not going to say what it is here, because it'd be TMI.

Happy Holidays!

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:For Yesterday
During:11/30/10 11.30pm
Yay, I couldn't follow through with NaBloPoMo! But I'm still gonna tag this entry anyway, just because.

Hmm, seems to be getting cold outside. And there's not many pages left in the calendar either. Good thing I have lots of vacation time.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Another Day Off with Con Crud
During:11/28/10 11.51pm
I think it's mostly gone now anyway.

Though apparently Leslie Nielsen is also gone. Sad, sad, news.

Here's hoping I wake up to my alarm in the morning, or else I'm gonna be late for work.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Day off with Con Crud
During:11/27/10 11.53pm
Caught up on sleep, sorta. Didn't do much else except help roomie hang posters. Feeling better at least, so hopefully I won't have any con crud for next week.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Working with Con Crud: Day 4
During:11/26/10 11.52pm
Ahh, Black Friday, though it started with red this morning. I'll skip the TMI.

Finally caught up with one of the project lists I had this week, still have two to go when I return to the job on Monday. Amazed that I got through the day without actually nodding off from the heat in the office, but having a diet soft drink kinda helped.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Working with Con Crud: Day 3
During:11/25/10 11.51pm
Tagging:, ,
I'm thankful that I'm not sicker than I could be. :P

Isn't the saying "starve a cold, feed a fever"? Kinda makes me wonder why I stuffed myself with free turkey and trimmings from the workroom cafeteria when I'm not feverish, but I know I have a head cold still.

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Working with Con Crud: Day 2
During:11/24/10 11.48pm
While I did feel slightly better, I still didn't get much work done. Still don't mind the cold shoulder I was getting from everyone at work, but I'd rather be left alone anyway.

Next up: Thanksgiving on the job for yet another year. @whee

A Subtle Illusion
Posting:Working with Con Crud: Day 1
During:11/23/10 11.46pm
On the plus side, everyone pretty much avoided me, which helped me get a lot of catching up done. Though with how bad I was feeling, I really didn't catch up completely on all the work that was missed over the past five days.

On the minus side, I'm scheduled all afternoons this week, now that I convinced someone to swap Friday shifts with me so that I wouldn't be working a back-to-back PM-sleep-AM to kick off the holiday shopping season.

Hopefully I can last until my next day off.

A Subtle Illusion
During:11/22/10 10.08pm
Tagging:, ,
... for con crud. Can't blame anyone but myself for it though; stayed up late way too many nights at con and didn't get much sleep, plus I sat for a long period of time in a nearly unventilated room that had been packed full of furs for the past three days.

... for poker after hours. It was the extent of my socialization for the convention, and it was some of the worst and the best moments I've experienced. Dunno if that makes up for being sick, but it does make me consider how pathetic my life must be.

A Subtle Illusion
During:11/21/10 09.27pm
Actual timestamp> 20101122.2145 CST

(Guess this entry didn't get posted properly from the Internet Room at con. Ah well.)

Well, con's been officially over for about 3 hours now. Didn't get a lot of socialization in -- was too busy with the charity poker tournament and dealing with a splitting headache on Saturday. I keep telling myself that I don't want to feel like I wasted my time this weekend, but I can't deny that hiding out in my hotel room playing video games on the HD TV or napping the day away wasn't very productive of me. Now all that's left is to pack the car with all the stuff still in the room, though I might hit up the Lupus in Tabula game tonight before joining the other guys for some social poker.